Saturday, September 18, 2010


My heart is broken.  I lost one of my dearest friends early Friday morning.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I will never hear his beautiful voice or see his smiling face again.  It is truly devastating.


I can remember the first time I met Scott Willis and the last time I saw him.  He was my friend, my decorator, my florist, my favorite artist and my common-law-husband. [Before I married, my last name was Willis too.  People always assumed we were related and would try to figure out how.  We just started making up ways - sometimes we were cousins, sometimes siblings, but when we told them we were common-law it really threw them for a loop.]  He was also the one who gave me the nickname E.

I will never walk by my bartered Scott Willis painting without remembering him and all the wonderful times we had together.  I will never play Mexican Train Dominos without remembering that it was him who introduced me to the game.  I will never hear a Tim McGraw song without remembering the New Years Eve in 1999 that we spent at the Tim & Faith concert in Nashville.  I will never order sweet tea again in the corner booth at Alfonzo's without remembering all the meals we ate there together.  I will never play another game of Sorry! without thinking about all our cut throat games [the Ghetto vs the Blue Lagoon vs the Granada vs Chinatown].

Scott was there in many of the important moments of my life.  He was there for me leading up to and during my wedding.  He was at the rehearsal dinner.  He did the beautiful flowers [along with Kathy] and sang during the ceremony [I am so thankful I have those songs he sang on tape].


scooter singing

He came to the hospital when each of my three children were born. 


He decorated my door in the rain for Christmas the day I brought Banks home from the hospital.  It was the only year I won an award. 


He made the most beautiful wreath for the my door when Owen was born.


He was a rock in our community.  Our little town will not be the same without him...he made such an impact here!


I will never forget you were a good'un.


pylant clan said...

I know you are devastated....I know so many people are!!! He was a friend to 3 generations in my can not say that about too many people. I have a picture of him holding Mary Bibb in the hospital like yours..I am glad you made me think of it. So sorry for this big loss.

Anonymous said...

That is my absolute favorite picture of the three of us! Love to you!
Redi (short of Rediva)

the Jacksons said...

what a wonderful post glad you have all the memories to hold on to, our prayers are with you all.

Allison said...

Awww, such a sweet post Andrea! He was an amazing person and loved by so many! (((HUGS)))
allison (hyde) mclendon