Monday, May 25, 2009


Saturday morning {at the crack} we were headed off to see these:
Our annual picnic breakfast with friends among the hot air balloons. Unfortunately they didn't fly, but we still got to see them blow up and tether.
This big boy looks forward to this morning for an entire year:
This year he even got to help hold onto a balloon:
This little girl likes watching them from a distance and visiting with friends:
{Twins in their Smitten shirts, matching skirts and flip flops}
This baby's first experience at the balloon races:
My attempt at a picture of all 3 of my children:
{They weren't very cooperative! I think it might take a professional.}
We headed back to the Jubilee later that afternoon in hopes for a balloon glow. Instead Banks and Mary Reese went to work here:
Earning their keep with the Villarreal children peddling pizza! They took their jobs seriously!

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Tara McClendon said...

How cute they all were! I totally feel your pain when it comes to picture taking...I think it's near impossible to get one with all 3 looking. Forget them actually SMILING at the same time! HA! Glad everyone had a big time!