Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AXO Pledge Class Reunion

As soon as the curtain closed at the 12 Dancing Princesses Recital, one of my pledge sisters {who also had a daughter in the recital} and I jumped in the car and headed to Tuscaloosa for a pledge class reunion/slumber party here:
It has been 14 years since I lived there and some of my best memories from college were made there with these girls:
{The 1991 Pledge Class before our first swap.}
That was then and this is now:
{I think we look pretty darn good!}
About half of our class got together for the first official reunion since graduation. We all met at the house and picked up right where we left off! We immediately headed to our old rooms to drop our stuff before the festivities began! Zap came to the house to take some pictures before we headed to dinner at Yazoo. After dinner we {surprisingly opted not to hit the bars} headed back to the house for a gossip session in the t.v. room!
Here are the girls I pledge with from my hometown on Bid Day:
And here we are almost 18 years {and 6 kids} later:
{Somer has 2 boys, Nikki has 1 boy and I have 2 boys + 1 girl}
These are some of my closest friends {we still try to get together for at least 1 home game a year}:
{Amy, Jane, Mary, me and Lori - there are 10 kids between the 5 of us}
After our late night chat session in the t.v. room, we headed for bed. Have you ever slept one one of these? I spent my entire Senior year {getting some fantastic zzz's thanks to the "commercial" fans and the 2 snooze limit} sleeping on one of these: {Not as comfortable as I remembered but it was well worth it to see my pledge sisters!}
We were all amazed at how much {yet how little} the house has changed! We loved seeing all the rush posters in the study hall room and hanging out in the t.v. room that has doubled in size! We left after breakfast on Sunday morning with intentions of making this an every other year occasion! Hopefully more of our sisters can make it next time!

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Sue said...

Fun! Did y'all plan it? I think it is hysterical that there is a sign that says Sleeping Porch. Ha! I haven't been back to the house in probably 6 or 7 years.