Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Parties

Both Banks and Mary Reese's classes celebrated Valentine's Day today. After we whipped out the science project poster last night, I headed to the kitchen. I made these for Banks to share with his class:
I had to make dip for Mary Reese's class...but since I had plenty of cookie dough, I made these for her to send home with her friends:
Both of them worked hard this weekend picking out the perfect Valentine's card for each classmate. Banks had Scooby Doo and Mary Reese had Princess {I am sure the other 2 girls in her class loved them...but I am not sure about the 10 boys!
Poor Banks never made it to his party. They called from school a little after 9:00 because he had 102 fever. Our pediatrician wasn't working we saw his partner. At first he thought it might be pneumonia but thankfully it is just a bronchial infection. Four antibiotics later...he is at home!
Mary Reese has eaten every piece of candy in her Valentine's box on top of what they had at their party. Needless to say...she is definitely on a sugar high and has not quit talking since I picked her up!

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