Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lessons from Kindergarten

Tonight at our Fat Tuesday Dinner, Banks was telling us all about eating these today at school:
Jody nor I had a clue why he would be eating pancakes today at school. Since it is Mardi Gras, we thought he meant a King Cake. I even asked him if it had different colored sugar sprinkled on it. He insisted it was pancakes that they poured syrup on top. He said the reason they had pancakes was because some town was trying to use up all their eggs, milk and sugar...so they made pancakes!
I came home and did some digging around here and found out that today is Shrove Tuesday. Apparently it is customary to eat pancakes on the day preceding Lent. Why? Because it uses up rich foodstuff such as eggs, milk and sugar which is traditional restricted during Lent, before the 40 day fasting season begins. I guess Jody and I aren't smarter than a Kindergartener!
I checked my email tonight after their baths and discovered this picture sent from a friend who teaches 2nd Grade:
I asked Banks why the were wearing hats with the word "for" on them. He said they wear them all the time with words they are trying to remember! I bet that is a hysterical to see walking down the hall!

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The Bordens said...

Yes it is Fat Tuesday. Man Banks you are so smart:)