Saturday, February 28, 2009

Curly Pearly's Progress

Jody and I went back to the doctor yesterday for Curly Pearly's 36 week visit. They did an ultrasound to see how big he was {they never did that with the other 2}. She thinks he is around 7 lbs right now and should gain 1/2 lb a week {that would put him at 9 lbs if I carried him to term...ouch!}. She also said he had tons of hair and it looked thick {we'll see...both the others were pretty bald}. Afterwards, we saw the doctor {not my regular one} who said they would take him at 38 weeks since he was the third baby, a good size and everything look normal. So, it looks like the week of March 9th, we will have our final addition to our family. I go back next Thursday morning to my we should know an exact date then {I just requested no Friday the 13th baby}.
Here is a picture of his face:

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