Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish

I now have 2 fish for children! Banks really took to swimming last summer during swimming lessons (Thank you Matthew). Mary Reese has always been fearless when it came to the water. This was her 2 summers ago at the beach (she was only 18 months old):
She had no fear...she would just jump in even if no one was standing there to catch her. Last summer, she was signed up for swimming lessons but had to drop out after two days because of swimmers ear. She spent the rest of the summer jumping and swimming but only with swimmies on. Yesterday I got in the pool and talked her into taking her swimmies off. This is what she was doing within a few minutes:

And my big fish...jumping in cannonball style!


Sue said...

Great Job, Mar-Mar! Looks like you are ready for your beach trip!

Whitney Lamp said...

Hey Andrea,

I wasn't sure how to just email you but I wanted to ask... do yall need any extra hands at the golf tournament on the 28th I would love to play golf but my belly will be in the way. I am more than happy to come help though maybe set up or clean up just anythign you may need. Just let me know! My email is

Amy said...

way to go little fishies.....Mar Mar now has a job on her hands to get Gray going like her!thanks for helping Gray Andrea, you may have missed your calling!

StaceyLWillis said...

Yeah Fishes!! I am ready for you to show off your skills at the beach!