Thursday, June 5, 2008


Banks and Mary Reese LOVE getting mail. Who doesn’t…unless of course it is bills, but at their ages they really don’t have to worry about that! The mailman has delivered them some very exciting things this week! On Monday when they checked the mail, there was a letter from Mickey Mouse himself addressed to both of them. Inside they discovered $20 in Disney Dollars for each of them to spend during our upcoming trip. But there was a catch: If they got in trouble, they would have to give back a dollar; and if they were ugly to the other one, they had to give them one of their dollars (for example the first morning under the new “Disney Dollar Reward Program”, Banks continued to bother Mary Reese even after he being told several times to quit! His punishment: put 1 of his Disney Dollars in her jar)! Mickey also sent some extra dollars that they could earn by being good and following directions! Needless to say, the program is working like a charm!
Yesterday in the mailbox there was a envelope addressed to Banks from Ms. Davis. Inside were a sweet note and a book he had enjoyed READING at school. He face lit up when he saw that book! She still continues to amaze me with her sweet thoughts and gestures even after Banks has “graduated” out of her room! She truly LOVES teaching and it shows!
Banks reading his book to me, Mary Reese and Melanie!


Nick said...

Brut and Maurice; Mickey also wants you to mind your aunts and uncles. Carter, Sue and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

Jennie-Marie said...

Wow a letter from Mickey himself how cool is that! I hope you both save up your special money to spend on something fun in October!!!

StaceyLWillis said...

I so proud of you Brut! You are so smart and are ready for Kindergarten! I love you!