Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beach Vacation - 1st Day

The Griswolds (I mean Murphrees) are here and have survived our first day! We rolled into town about 9:00 on Thursday night. We did stop at Peach Park for scoops of ice cream to snack on until our real dinner (Lillian's Pizza...yum)! Yesterday morning was very overcast with at 70% chance of rain. So before the rain set in, we got the tent pitched (sorry Jason...Jody was in Mobile with a customer during this process) and our beach necessities down to our site that morning. It never really rain, just thunder and lightening.
We got about a hour on the beach before the thunder and lightening started up, so we decided to grab lunch at The Crab Trap with David's sister and nephew! By the time we finished lunch, the sun was back out! We all headed back down to the beach for the afternoon.

Notice Mary Reese's shoe choice for walking down to the beach. And Banks has already made friends with everyone on the beach, including this group playing baseball. Yes, he is right in the middle of them! David's sister and nephew joined us for an afternoon on the beach. Brooks, we hope you had fun playing with us!

We wrapped up the day with a dip in the pool before going up to get ready for dinner. We ended up going to Bayside Grill and actually got to walk right in (probably because it was after 8:00 and we did split up our party of 12 into 3 tables). It was a perfect way to end our first full day at the beach...eating yummy seafood outside next to all the fishing boats!


After everyone went to bed, Jody and David ended up at the Flora-Bama to try to catch a lobster. Rumor has it...they had it in the claw and almost to the drop point when the lobster escaped!

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Amy said...

oooh sounds like yall are already having a blast....enjoy the rest of your trip!! no bowling for me, thought it was a guys night?!? ha