Monday, November 19, 2007

Switched at Birth…kind of

I did the look-a-like meter like on my brother/sister-in-law’s and Jennie-Marie’s blog and found the results quite interesting especially since everyone says Banks is a mini-Jody and Mary Reese is a mini-Andrea. When I did Banks compared to Jody and myself, it said 21% more like Jody and then equal when I did different pictures. Then I did Mary Reese thinking it would be about the same results except in my favor…well it came up an equal mix both times. Then I got to thinking about Mary Reese. I always say she is my sister’s child brought to me by mistake (only when she is acting sassy or bossy though)…so I did her compared to Stacey and Jody. The meter said she looked more like Stacey by 6%. Then I compared me, Mary Reese and Stacey…guess what it said???
I have been right all along! Stacey, I will have her bags packed to go home with her real mommy after Thanksgiving! Just Kidding!!! I love you Mary Reese.

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Sue & Nick Willis said...

That is pretty darn funny! What a lucky little girl that she looks like two beautiful women!