Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mary Reese!

Today is Mary Reese’s 3rd Birthday! The party started on Friday when Kristi Villarreal Borden (our old babysitter) came and got her and took her back to Corinth, Mississippi for the weekend. Kristi, Chad, Miss Johnnye, Mr. Norman and Miss Vonda planned a birthday weekend complete with a trip to Toys-r-us and a birthday cake! At Toys-r-us, she picked out some Barbie high heeled shoes that light up and play Here Comes the Bride and Disney Princess make-up. Kristi said she wore her new Barbie shoes to church on Sunday. Sunday night, we had all the grandparents and Uncle Christopher over for hot dogs, pink iced cupcakes and ice cream (It was our first “dinner party” in the new house). Mary Reese got a new Princess TV, Barbie cash register and Holly Hobbie DVD. She was THRILLED!
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I spent the weekend unpacking and organizing! All I have left is the guest bedroom (which is full of boxes from the attic and random stuff from the upstairs of the old house), the basement, the garage and the hanging of the pictures!


Sue & Nick Willis said...

Happy Birthday, Mar Mar!

Lori said...

Be sure and tell my "cousin" Happy Birthday!!!

StaceyLWillis said...

I am so jealous of the pink princess TV!!!