Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Perfect Timing!

It looks like our house has sold and the timing couldn’t be any more perfect! Last week we had 2 sets of serious lookers and thought we were getting 2 offers in 1 day. We did end up getting an offer on Saturday, we countered back on Monday night and they countered back immediately and we accepted. We are still trying to settle on a closing date with both houses but it will be some time between November 7th and November 14th! Looks like we will be in the new house just in time for Thanksgiving! Say a prayer for us that these transactions will go as smoothly as possible! So if you are bored one night and are dying to pack up things…grab a box and come on over!!!


Lori said...

congrats on the sale-----I know that it makes you feel better. Can't wait to see the new pad!!!


Jennie-Marie said...

Yea, I know you are pumped! jm