Sunday, October 21, 2007

Field Trips, Football and BOXES

Friday I spent the day with Banks and his class at Tate Farms in Meridianville ( If you haven’t ever been…GO…it has something for all ages. He was so excited because he finally got to ride on the school bus! It was so cute watching his class and all the kindergarteners load up on the bus. When we got there (at 10:00) they had their picnic lunch…I still can’t imagine eating lunch so early. After lunch we were assigned a tour guide, Ms. Ashley, who was will our class the entire day. We got to do so many fun things like “swim” in a huge pool of dried corn kernels, go through a hay bale maze (way to go Ms. Byrd for leading us through without getting lost), jump out of a barn window onto a huge pile of hay, pet the animals and go on a hayride to pick a pumpkin! Banks decided to ride home with me and before we got back on the interstate, he was snoring! As soon as I got home with Banks, we got the kids settled with Jody’s parents and headed to Tuscaloosa for the weekend. All of my old college friends always try to meet up at one game a year. Lori and Bill graciously opened up Hotel Orrell for the weekend! Lori was so sweet and cooked dinner Friday night for us, Bethany and Justin, and Amy and Bobby. We all went to bed early because we knew Lori would have us on the quad way before 8:00! We tailgated before the game with Lori, Bill and their Tuscaloosa crowd (thanks for letting us crash again)! The game was FABULOUS! Jody and I had great seats again this week…50 yard line, 32 rows up, behind the Alabama team with Van Tiffin 2 rows down in the next section! After the game, we hung out on the quad before loading up and heading back to Hotel Orrell! I guess we are all getting old because we were all asleep before the end of the LSU/Auburn game! Banks and Mary Reese spent Saturday afternoon and night with Popsie and GiGi. They went out to the house they are building and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the outdoor fireplace. Banks also learned how to operate a digger that was out there. So as soon as we arrived back in town, he had to show us! After getting home and getting the car unpacked, I started packing up for the big move. I got all my cookbooks packed (don’t think I will be doing much cooking in the near future), most of the den and cleaned out several pieces of furniture that the movers will move with all the stuff in it! My sister reminded me tonight that the one good thing about moving is that you tend to clean everything out and start fresh!

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jgantt said...

I love the picture of Jody and the tatoo guy! Is that guy wearing a kilt? I have seen all sorts of pictures of tatoo guy and I guess he is sort of a bammer hero along the lines of the houndstooth twins and the guys with the overalls and the toilet paper rolls and Tide detergent boxes on sticks. On thing I noticed is that the tatoo guy is really a short guy. Funny how all celebs are shorter than you think they would be. Did Jody the number from tatoo guys of his tatoo artist? I would guess that Jody could soon be adding to his collection after seeing tatoo guy.