Thursday, March 17, 2016

disney day one :: magic kingdom

We pulled away from our house around 4 am. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7 am from Birmingham. We flew Southwest Flight #2378 direct to Orlando. We tagged our bags with Disney's special luggage tags so they would claim our luggage and deliver them directly to our room.  Disney sure knows how to make it easy!  Jody dropped us all off at the front door of the airport.  The kids and I got our luggage checked in while Jody was parking the car.

Owen is ready for his first flight!

He loved it!  Think his favorite part was watching them load and unload the luggage.  Once we landed, we made our way to the Magical Express bus pickup. We scanned in with our magic bands, found our resort's bus and were on our way to the Caribbean Beach Resort.  It was easy, peasy!

It is a short ride from the airport aboard the Magical Express with Disney information and trivia!  When we got to our resort, our room was not ready (It was 10 am so we really were not expecting it to be ready).

We decided to check our carry on bags with the front desk, grab a bite to eat in the food court at the resort and hit the Magic Kingdom!  We hopped on an Epcot bus because Owen was dying to ride his first monorail.

He loved it!

We were sad they discontinued the riding with the driver of the monorails since we were there last.  The monorails were down going directly into the Magic Kingdom, so we had to choose between riding the resort monorails or a boat across the lake.  We chose the boat so Owen could experience all the forms of Disney transportation.  We finally made it to the gates of the Magic Kingdom!

We scanned our magic bands, scanned our fingerprint and were on our way! First stop was a picture in front of the train station...

...and then to Main Street!

Our first fast pass for the day was Space Mountain (I scheduled it for anytime between 1-2). By the time we walked down Main Street taking in all the Disney magic, it was time for Space Mountain! It was the first time for all 3 kids to ride it...

...and they all survived!!!

We headed to the Tomorrowland Speedway to race the cars.

Owen didn't want to drive his car so he rode with Jody.  Mary Reese drove me and Banks rode solo.

Then over to Fantasyland for It's a Small World...

We even talked Jody into riding this one!!!  We loved seeing Ireland on St. Patrick's Day.

...and our next fast pass {7 Dwarfs Mine Train}. A first for all of us!

When we got off, we were grateful we had a fast pass for every Magic Kingdom day for that ride. So fun and the wait was always at least 50 minutes even right at park close.  We rode Prince Charming's Carousel and to recreate the sword and the stone picture from last trip.

We had a few minutes before our final fast pass of the day {Splash Mountain}. We wondered over to Frontierland where we found Woody and Jessie. Owen wanted to meet them and snag his first autograph, so we jumped in line. {Character meetings have changed a ton since our last visits. They all have assigned positions. You stand in line to Meet and Greet.}

We headed to Splash Mountain.

We survived without getting soaked!!!  The rest of our party of 12 took the later flight down. They had landed and were in route to the resort.  We decided to head back to see if our room was ready and to get organized before dinner at Ohana.  On our way out we caught the Dance Party Parade where we saw a few of our Disney favorites.

We traded a few pins and made our way to the bus stop.

On our way out, we talked to Scott who offered us a Magical Moment! We got our very own bus back to the resort!

We arrived back, found our room {2461 in Matinique} where our bags had been magically delivered!

We got settled and then caught the bus back to the Magic Kingdom. Then we caught a boat over to the Polyensian Resort. We watched the Electric Water Parade on our boat ride over.  We checked into Ohana and waited for our table.

While we waited...we could watch Wishes at Magic Kingdom! A perfect first night (especially if you aren't visiting the parks on the first day).

Our party of 12 got split into 2 tables of 6.  It was perfect!  The kids sat at one and the adults at the other.

Dinner at Ohana is fabulous. It was hands down my favorite of all meals I have eaten at Disney.  It is served family style...salad, wings and dumplings, noodles and veggies, steak, shrimp and chicken, then bread pudding for dessert! {I may have even put a few dumplings in my purse for breakfast the next morning.}

Stuffed...we jumped on the monorail at the resort...

...then caught the bus back to the resort from the Magic Kingdom.  These boys were Disney tired waiting on the bus...

We jumped into bed a rest up for another day at Magic Kingdom!

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