Tuesday, February 14, 2012

mcwane center field trip

Monday Banks had a field trip.  [Field trips are always good because usually that night we have a little break from homework :)]  They had to be at the school extra early so they could be at the McWane Center when the doors opened.  I will have to say of all the field trips I have been on with my children, this was by far the best.

[Again I forgot my camera.  I not sure where my brain has been lately.  So all I have are iPhone photos.]

The kids had some time to explore all the exhibits.  The did fun things like play with bubbles...


They tried out a bed of nails...



I think that was their favorite by far.

They pretended they were weather men/women...


They made impressions of their faces...



We saw the iMax movie called Tornado Alley.  Wow!  It was a first for Banks.

Our group took a class about the earth and it's weather...


A huge ball was suspended from the ceiling.  Four projectors [one in each corner] projected images of the earth.  The teacher used a Wii remote to rotate it.  We even got to see satellite images of Hurricane Katrina.

After lunch, we saw a Lightening Show...


Banks even got to be apart of a demonstration on how electricity can travel through the air.

A great field trip.  If you are ever in the Birmingham area, it is definitely worth dropping in on!

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