Wednesday, February 15, 2012

:: heart day ::

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone.  It is not my favorite holiday but I have come to enjoy it more.  I love that my children get so excited exchanging silly cards with their classmates and friends.  I will have to admit that I was not on top of my game this Valentine's Day.  We didn't get our cards bought until two days before the big day.  They did not get addressed until the night before!

This is what my counter looked like at some point after dinner before bedtime...


For Owen's class I made iced heart sugar cookies.  Banks and I got back from the McWane Center about a hour before Owen had to be picked up, so I whipped out his cookies.

Jody picked Mary Reese up from school that day.  On their way home, they picked us up some steaks for our special Valentine's Day dinner.  I threw together some mashed potatoes and steamed green beans to go along with our steak.  Owen helped me with dessert...


I love that little smile on his face.


He took his sprinkle job very seriously.


I got dinner cleaned up.  Jody got all the children bathed.  I made a quick recipe of Caramels for the teachers and got Owen's cookies iced and sprinkled...


Banks had to take icing for his class to decorate some heart brownies so I just doubled up my icing recipe for Owen's cookies.

I thought I was home free!  All I had left to do was to wrap and bag the caramels.  Or so I thought.  Then Mary Reese announced about 7 o'clock that night that she had to decorate a Valentine's box.  GREAT!  How did I miss that note???  Obviously I did.  Mother of the Year here.  Thankfully she is my creative, artistic child.  We had a shoe box, some Christmas wrapping paper that I turned inside out, some Valentine ribbon and some markers.  Here is the finished product...


Not half bad for what we had to work with.  It was 100% all her.  I did make and hot glue the bow on the front but it was all her idea.  I was glad I didn't spend any extra time or money on it because as soon as she got home that day, she unwrapped it so she could get to all her loot.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones they love!

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