Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3rd Grade Bibles

Sunday was a big day for Banks.  An important rite of passage in the Methodist Church.  Banks and the other 3rd Graders were presented their bibles...

3rd Grade Bible2

Back Row:  Banks, Charlie Taylor, Carter McCollum & Ian Jones
Front Row:  Carson Palahach, Emily Ann Vought, Jack Self, Meredith Nichols & Anna Kate Talley
[Minus William Penley and Luke McKelvy]

I remember getting presented with my Good News Bible when I was in 3rd Grade.  This coming Sunday they start learning all about their new bible with the Gregorys.  He can hardly wait!

Such a special moment in his life!  [Mary Reese was a tad bit jealous she did not get one...two more years and it will be her turn.]

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