Tuesday, December 13, 2011

becoming a man :: first deer

Monday Jody checked Banks out of school after lunch to go on his first deer hunt. Tony Chachere was in town and offered to help him kill his first deer. They headed to Elkmont and got situated in a deer stand. Around 3:00 I get a text…


He shot a buck. But it ran off and they never could find it. The story is it was a big one, at least a 6 point.

He got situated back in the stand with Tony…


…and Daddy.

Around 5:00 I get another text…


He shot another one.

Here he is…


…with the deer.

Then they painted him up…


Now I have a freezer full of deer meat!

A deer rifle is on the top of his Christmas Wish List...I am not convinced.

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