Monday, April 4, 2011

play ball

This weekend was little league baseball opening day!  It was scheduled for last weekend but with 100% chance of rain all was quickly postponed to this weekend.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

We started out the day with a good old parade...


...into the ball field park.

I grabbed a quick shot of our player with his dad and granddad...


...before Opening Ceremonies started.

All the teams & coaches were introduced...


...a raffle ticket was drawn to win a tv and the first pitch was thrown.  It was finally time to play ball!

The Giants had the second game of the we had some time to kill.  The kids ran and played.  I worked the silent auction tent.  Jody discussed game strategy.

Right before the team was set to warm up, Banks decided he might need a couple of pizza sticks for lunch.  A few bites in he handed me something laughing.  Can you tell what it was?


He lost his 5th tooth [and has 3 more ready to come out].  I had no clue it was even that loose!

Banks is playing 1st base this year.  Here he is in action on the first play of the game...




I kind of miss my little catcher but I will get use to seeing him on first.

The little sisters were there to cheer on their brothers...


...and the pig pen was there doing was he does best...


...being a PIG PEN!

We didn't have our best game.  We couldn't quite find a groove.  Hopefully the rain will hold off this afternoon and we can get our first season game played.

Owen ended up falling asleep in the stroller towards the end of the game.  So we ended up staying and watching the last of the games.

I love our little league.  It is like a family.  Everyone supports every child.  All the parents cheer for each matter which team they are on.

I can't believe this was 4 short years ago...


Before I know it...Owen will be out there running those bases.

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