Wednesday, March 16, 2011

two year stats

Owen had his 2 year old check up on Tuesday.  We did not win the most cooperative patient award.  He refused to stand on the scale so they did the best they could on the baby scale [don't think it is 100% accurate because he was climbing the wall].  He weighs 28 lbs 13 ozs and is 34¼ inches tall.

[For comparison sake:  Banks weighed 32 lbs and was 35½ inches tall.  Mary Reese weighed 26 lbs 9 ozs and was 35 inches tall.]

His ear infection from about a month ago was all clear and his tubes were still intact.  I had to pin him down so Dr. Khouri could check him out.  He did have to get one shot and a finger prick...neither of which he was a huge fan of!  Good News...we have now graduated to yearly check-ups!

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