Sunday, December 12, 2010

six going on sixteen

Mary Reese is six going on sixteen.  Recently she has taught herself how to...


...send text messages.  She can send them like no other.  [At least she has all the words spelled correctly.  Kindergarten is paying off!]  So if you ever get strange text messages from me or probably is really from Mary Reese.

Friday night she was invited to her first big girl spend the night birthday party!  I wasn't sure if she would make it all night...but she did!  Hala's mother said she finally turned out the lights around midnight.  When I got there at 8:30 the next morning, everyone was still snug in their sleeping bags.  I think she had a blast eating pizza, decorating cookies and making friendship bracelets!  I am just sad because she is growing up way too fast!

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Kate Smith said...

I am so glad kindergarten is paying off! Maybe she can come down the hall and teach a few 2nd graders how to spell!