Friday, December 31, 2010

a live christmas night

It has become a tradition for all of our family to come over to our house for snacks and left overs on Christmas night.

One of the new Wii games usually gets busted out.  The first year it was Tiger Woods Golf, two years ago it was Rock Band,  this year it was Just Dance 2...


Even Owen thinks he can play.

We all have laughed until our stomachs hurt playing/watching this game.  I was undefeated until Maddie and Olivia came on the scene [in my defense...they have owned the game for 6 months, so they have practiced]!  If you haven't played, you should.  It is hysterical and quite a workout.  My arms are still sore and hopefully I burned off some of those extra holiday calories dancing around the den like a fool!

Debbie, Stacey, David and Tina somehow quietly rounded up all the kids and headed upstairs.  Apparently Debbie has been planning a surprise for awhile [and she finally had enough kids to pull it off].

After a quick [and only] rehearsal and a costume fitting, we caught a glimpse of the crew desending from above...


The children took their places in the manger as Aunt Stacey read the story of Jesus's birth from Grandmother Cooper's bible...


Isn't it the most beautiful, angelic live nativity scene you have ever seen?


Callen, Olivia and Mary Reese as angels, Banks as Joseph, Baby Leo as Baby Jesus, Maddie as Mary and Carter as wiseman #1.  Not pictured:  Owen as Wiseman #2...


He bailed before reaching the manger...


We are still short a wiseman and we aren't sure who is going to play baby Jesus next year.  I guess Leo can move up to a wiseman next year to complete them.  Now who is going to have the baby Jesus?  Not it!


Leigh Ann said...

Precious post!
Thanks for the advice....had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yummm!!

Sue said...

I have to tell you that Debbie's idea for the nativity was wonderful and the kids were the best. i love that Owen opted out and in a pic in Sue's blog that Callen was wondering what Leo was doing in the Moses basket. Thanks for sharing.
Sue Lovoy