Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Plump & Perky Turkey

Banks had is class play on Thursday.  The play was based on The Plump and Perky Turkey.  ["The people in Squawk Valley were downhearted and depressed.  Thanksgiving was approaching, but without its special guest." All the turkeys have fled town except for one fowl named Pete who responds to a ploy a "model wanted" ad for the local art show. After posing for various sculptors, painters and collage artists, Pete steals off with a turkey made from oatmeal as payment and joins up with his other feathered pals.]

It was super cute as always.  Here is the entire cast...


He was one of the artist.  He disguised his turkey out of soap.  [Did you notice their disguised turkeys decorating the stage?]

A few shots after the big performance...


All the artist...


They made their turkeys out of supds, clay, rope oatmeal, paper and soap.  [Banks did have a beret for dress rehearsal but mysteriously couldn't find it in his bag for the show.]

The turkey costumes were precious [and made by their teacher]...


Can you tell they were excited about their performance?


They were so wild after the play!

Banks and his teacher...


The teachers were dressed up too.  Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. McGrady made these vests with their class...


Banks and his BFF aren't in the same class this year, but they did get to join forces for the play...


Eppes the farmer and Banks the artist.

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