Friday, October 8, 2010

fall frenzy 2010

Banks had his Fall Frenzy on Friday afternoon.  The whole family was in attendance.  I gave Banks his allotment of tickets and barely saw the rest of the night.  He did let me know early on that he dunked Coach Albert in the dunking booth...


All that baseball practice is playing off.  But he might not have such an easy time in P.E. next year when he gets to Leon Sheffield.

The hit game of the frenzy was the ping-pong-ball-toss-into-a-goldfish-bowl to win a goldfish [Yea].  This was the line most of the night...


Mine played it a couple of times before they walked away with a goldfish each.  We are the proud owner of 2 new pets...just what I needed!

Each class in the school is responsible for a booth.  Ours happened to be the "hairspray booth"...


Mary Reese opted for pink with green polka dot hair.  She was thrilled to have it done by one of Mrs. Hughes' daughters.

With her new cool hair, Mary Reese probably spent 99% of her tickets at the toy walk...


Done just like a cake walk...only you walk away with a toy!  She won a barbie doll and some jewelry.  Banks won a monster truck.

We also loved getting our face painted...


A butterfly on one side and a heart on the other [thanks Missy]!

Owen even managed to snag enough tickets for one of these...


Since he is a pig pen...we opted to skip the red syrup.  He didn't know any better and it was a whole lot neater!

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