Thursday, October 7, 2010

fabulous friday: rockets

Banks has Fabulous Friday every Friday at school.  At the beginning of the year, they choose 8 activities from a long list.  Rockets is for 2nd Graders only and was top on his list!  He was thrilled to have rockets for his first FF of the year.

On their first Friday, their group divided up into 3 teams.  His team was made up of Ben, Jack, William & himself.  They named their rocket BBJM [all their initials].  They thought they were so clever!

Friday was their launch day.  I took off early to help set up with Fall Frenzy, so I ran by the school in time to witness the big event!

First Mrs. Cagle went over all the rules...


...and they listened intensely!  Each team member had a job - a safety cap person, an alligator clip person, a launcher and a chaser.  Then the teams carefully carried their rockets out to the launch site.  [They were like celebrities walking down the hall...everyone thought the rockets were so cool.]

The safety cap person [William] took off the cap, and then the alligator clip person [Ben] connected the rocket...


Then Team BBJM waited patiently for their turn...


Finally it was time for lift off.  They counted down from 5 and the launcher [Jack] pressed the button...



When it was safe, Mrs Cagle sent the chaser [Banks] after the rocket...


It was super cool to watch the rockets and the excitement on the children's faces.  Mrs. Cagle did a fabulous job teaching them all about rockets.  I am not sure any other Fabulous Friday choice will top this one!

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