Friday, April 9, 2010

Hunting Eggs

Last Saturday, some friends hosted a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt.  {Thankfully the morning storms didn't hang around and the sun came out to dry everything up!}

Owen Easter 2010

Kathryn hung about a million eggs from one of her trees.  Owen thought it was beautiful!

The kids played until all the guests arrived...

Owen Mowes

Owen loved the lawn mower.  {I need to dig ours out of the garage.}

The girls also got caught up on all the gossip...

MR + G = BFF

{There is no telling what Mary Reese and Gray are talking about knowing those two!}

Future Kindergarteners

{These 3 girls...Gray, Mary Reese and Mary Bibb...are all heading to Kindergarten in the fall.}

The little kids got to hunt their eggs in the front yard first...

Little Kids Hunt

It is the perfect yard for a good old fashion egg hunt!

Jody was trying to help Owen hunt.  Once he got an egg in the basket and one in each hand...

Owie Hunting

...he was satisfied and ran for the hills with his basket and 3 eggs...

O&his basket

Needless to say, he didn't win the prize for the most eggs!

The big kids were up next with their hunt in the backyard...

Big Kids Hunting

After they hunted, it was time to count them...

Counting the eggs

...then try to figure out who had the most...

Who found the most?

...Banks ended up in a 3 way tie for 3rd Place.  He won the tie breaker and ended up with a chocolate bunny!

Everyone worked up an appetite hunting their eggs.  Owen made himself right at home with this table full of girls...

O Busting in

He also helped himself to their food.  They weren't too impressed!

Thankfully Penny didn't seem to be bothered by him...

O & Penny

...and tolerated him sitting by her.  Maybe it was because he wasn't stealing food off her plate.

The big girls moved on and Owen was joined by his friend Merrill...


They cleaned up the leftovers!

We had a fabulous Easter Eve hunting eggs with all our friends!  My kids are already looking forward to it next year!

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