Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Sunday

We woke up to one of the prettiest Easters in years.  It was actually warm and sunny!  We planned on going to early church...which meant we all had to be on our game to get dressed in our Easter Frocks and out the door!

Here are my 3 bunnies in their frocks...

Easter Frocks 2 2010

Not the best picture...but we were pressed for time!  {I didn't notice the socks Banks had chosen until we were walking into church...oh well at least they matched!}

Before heading to church, the kids were thrilled to find what the Easter Bunny left for them...

Easter Baskets 2010

Mary Reese dove into her basket and found some new bathing suits, a coverup, sunscreen, sunglasses, jeweled diving rings, Princess and the Frog and a ZhuZhu Pet DS game...
M Easter Basket 2010

Banks got new bathing suits, diving sticks, sunscreen, the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and Super Mario for the DS.

The bathing beauties had time to model one of their new suits...

New Bathing Suits

...before Owen stirred!  They were dying for him to rise and shine so they could help him with his basket...
Owie Basket

He also got a bathing suit, pool toys, sippie cups and passies!

My parents always made us pose {it seemed to always be infront of a tree} in our Easter Frocks.  I put my children through the same torture {and they will probably do the same to their children}...

B Easter Frock 2010

Banks is real into the peace is driving me crazy!  This is the first year he has worn a grown up outfit...that was also killing me!

MR Easter Frock 2010

Mary Reese was ticked when I told her she needed to wear her "buckle shoes".  She had a little Aunt Stacey fit!  We compromised...she ended up going barefooted.  Pick your battles!
O Easter Frock 2010

Owen was thrilled with his frock {it was the same one Banks wore on his 2nd Easter}!

Another shot of the 3 of them...

Easter Frocks 2010

Happy Easter!

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