Friday, January 1, 2010


We usually play...


...B∙I∙N∙G∙O on Christmas morning.  New Years Eve was the first day this group...

The Whole Gang

...was able to come together, so the annual Christmas Morning BINGO game got moved NYE lunch!  {My brother's family stayed in Indy and my sister/her husband were in Natchez for the holidays.}

Instead of buying gifts for each other, we buy prizes from the table...

Bingo Table

The prizes are a wide cards, tools & gadgets, toys and food {and several "re-gifted" items that keep appearing year after year}.  The ladder was the first prize to go!

This was part of the scene during the game...

The Chaos

Pure controlled choas!  Banks was the caller {but not before he checked his own card}.  Everyone was snacking and kids were crawling everywhere in the midst of the intense game. 

Owen & Carter
Owen was thrilled to see someone his size...

Owen & Callen

My dad got smart...he copied the BINGO cards and everyone just marked their numbers off with a pen.  One too many years of the markers flying everytime someone made a sudden move!

Mary Reese was the first in our family to BINGO.  She was headed for the Target Gift Card but it was claimed already, so she settled for...


...a case of Moon Pies {all she needs now is a case of RC}!  Banks had his eye on a certain prize the minute he walked in the door...

Shoot your eye out

...this night light came with a copy of The Christmas Story movie and a real Red Ryder BB Gun!  I kept telling him that he would shoot his eye out but he wouldn't listen!  He was estatic when Jody bingoed and claimed it for him.

A few other family favorites...


A head messager


A hat with a built in headlight


...and a Whoopi Cushion.  It has provided hours of entertainment!

This was also the first time we got all the grandkids together for a picture...

The Grandkids

Carter (2), Mary Reese (5), Owen (9 months), Banks (7) and Callen (4 months)

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Kate Smith said...

BINGO! It looks like everyone had a great time!