Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Dasher Minty

dasher minty

I think we are one of the last families in the United States to adopt one of these Elf on the Shelf elves. Meet Dasher Minty - the Dasher part came from Banks and the Minty from Mary Reese {poor Owen didn't get any input}. She appeared on Sunday night. Her mission - to "report" our doings to her boss!

She travels to the North Pole every night to give Santa a full report, returning to a new "hiding" place by morning! The kids run downstairs to see who can find her new hiding place first! The first morning we found her...
back from the north pole

...hanging from the light fixture in the kitchen.

This morning we were every surprised to find her hanging out here...

...she got a little mischievous and decided to roll the light fixture in the dining room! We can't wait to see where she'll turn up next!


C. Smith said...

Our Elf Larry last night played the Wii and threw out all the games in the floor and even made his ownself and played a few games. These Elves are CRAZY!!

Sue said...

Our elf, Mickio (gotta love two-year-old names!), hasn't figured out he is supposed to cause trouble yet, so he just shows up in a new place every morning. THANK GOODNESS!