Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a Grand day

We headed south about this time last week. We stopped in Birmingham to pick up Aunt Stacey. Our next {and only} stop was here:
Peach Park {in Clanton} - a must for a scoop of homemade ice cream & fried peach pies! We made it to the Grand Hotel in Point Clear and checked into this room with a view: We were in the South Bay House with a wonderful little balcony overlooking the bay. Our goal was to make it there to see the firing of this: Every day at 4:00 they do a short history lesson of the hotel, say the Pledge of Allegiance {I didn't know that Mary Reese even knew it but she recited it word for word} and then they fire this cannon into the bay. It was really loud! Owen jumped when it was fired but seemed unfazed! We ate a delicious dinner at the resort and then did a little swimming before we retired to our room for the night. Owen thought he was on a real adventure! The next morning, we hit the pool while Jody visited with his customers: Banks and Mary Reese LOVED the pool! I think Banks went down this a million times: I know he went down for 2 hours solid! Mary Reese had an all day tea party: She even met some friends by the pool and invited them to join her party. We hung out by the pool until after lunch...then we headed east to Orange Beach for the rest of the week!

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