Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Christopher and Nicholas!!!!

Happy 30th to both of you! Sue has some great stories about you on their blog. Just one more...When they were babies, Mom and Dad had us all at the mall (I think they must have been on something)! This lady noticed they were twins...probably due to the fact of they gigantic double stroller which I think is still in the storage building. She asked my dad what their names were because she had twin sons as well. He replied back "Christopher Daniel and Nicholas Owen because they were born very near to Christmas and the middle names are their grandmothers maiden names." He said she got this disgusted look on her face because she couldn't believe they didn't name them rhyming names. Her sons were named Herman and Thurman. Just think Sue...you could have been married to a Thurman Owen Willis!!! Anyway...Happy 30th Birthday to Christopher and Nicholas!!!

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Rebecca said...

Banks gets his smile from you!! That smile on your face is just like Banks!