Friday, April 20, 2012

Banks :: Student of the Month :: Commitment

I got a letter from one of the Enrichment Teachers at Banks's school letting us know he was nominated for Student of the Month in the Commitment category.  His school does the ceremony first thing in the morning before the kids are dismissed to their classrooms. 

The Thursday before Spring Break was the big day!  We didn't tell Banks he was nominated but he knew it immediately when he saw us standing in the back of the room.

He ended up being 1st Runner Up for the 3rd Grade...


So proud of him!  He has been committed to being the best student he can be this year.

All the 3rd Grade nominees...


The 1st runner up...


...all smiles!

A picture with the parents...


...with mom...


...and dad...


I can't believe he only has a few more weeks of 3rd Grade left!

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