Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Green


Yesterday we went green.


We didn't want any little leprechauns pinching us!

Last St Patty's Day I made green pancakes in honor of the holiday.  Mary Reese refused to eat them!

Green Pancakes

This year I had every intention of making them a repeat just didn't happen.  We were struggling just to get out the door {and I was up at 5 am}!  Banks was extremely dissapointed to find cinnamon sugar biscuits on his plate at breakfast.  Maybe this weekend he can have some belated St Patty Pancakes.

Speaking of going green.  I think this whole thing could have been done a little greener...

Census 2010

Does anyone else think getting the letter a few weeks ago about the upcoming census was a huge waste of money?  Anyway the actual form came in the mail one day this week {actually we got 2, both addressed to our house}.  Banks has been learning about the census in his current events class. 

Current Event Quiz

He was really into helping me fill out the form.  I loved the fact that he knew what a cenus was and why we needed to fill in out...

Getting counted

Thankfully we only had to use Person 1 - 5 and didn't have to use this part of the form...

Person 12

Can you imagine?

It only took us minutes to complete it.  After we were finished, he put it in the mailbox...

2010 Count make sure we were counted!

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Sue said...

When I was filling ours out, I kept wondering what the Duggars do...ha, ha.