Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a very un-traditional Easter at the Murphree house. Jody originally wasn't going to be home from the Masters until late Easter I had scrapped the idea of getting 3 children and myself dressed and ready for church. He ended up getting home about 1:30 am but we still didn't attempt church. The Easter Bunny did make a stop at our house:
Mary Reese got 2 new bathing suits, Princess dominos, a sketch pad and scissors that cut out different edges {she is really gotten into "arts and crafts"}, barrettes, band-aids and some candy. Banks got a new basketball, 2 new bathing suits, Micky Mouse dominos, a sketch pad, band-aids and candy. Owen got formula, bigger bottles, passies, diapers and some bath stuff.
The other 2 tore through their baskets at 6:30 am {and I was still half asleep} so my pictures of them weren't the best. Owen leisurely went through his basket and was thoughtful enough to stop and pose for a picture before digging into his basket.
Aunt Stacey and David decided at the last minute to head up for an Easter meal. After a late lunch, Debbie hid some eggs for all of us to find!
{Even the adults got in on the action once they realized there was money in some of the eggs!}
After the hunt, we all dove into this:
My nana use to make these cakes for us on Easter! Everyone crashed {from their sugar highs} early!

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