Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunshine in a Box

We had to take Baby Owen to our pediatrician's office on Friday so they could check him out {they don't come to the hospital where we delivered}. The doctor thought he looked kind of jaundice {his numbers were up from when we left the hospital} and his weight was down from 4 ounces from leaving the hospital...but other than that, he looked perfect. I put him in what little sunlight we had all day on Friday. Then we had to go to the hospital Saturday morning to get another bilirubin test. Thankfully his number had dropped. We still kept him in all the light we could find Saturday and Sunday. We even put him under the "Sunshine in a box" light bulb {that is suppose to increase your energy levels and lift your spirits} on Sunday.
Here is Baby Owen sunning under the "Sunshine in a box" light bulb at Debbie's:
We had to go back to the office for a weight check this morning. Dr. Khouri was very pleased to see his weight back to 8 pounds {just 2 ounces shy of his birth weight}!

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